Was Sunshine Tracy flashing on purpose?

Freelance model, Tracy Ang aka Sunshine Tracy, early 30s, posed impromptu for tons of shutterbugs at the Super Import Nights car show at the Singapore Expo in September 2009 and literally found instant fame for herself.

First the bra...

During her various leg-spreading poses, not only were her panties easily revealed under her very short dress, but her pubic hair and part of her outer labia could be clearly seen.

then the cat is out of the bag!

No need to reach for the magnifying glass

Within hours, Tracy's upskirt spectacle was seen by the whole world on popular online forums.

Sunshine Tracy, who has been freelancing for several years, advertises her modelling services online. She describes herself as someone who is "great with poses" and "very daring to do photoshoots in unique places too".

Bra, panties, beaver and all.

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