How about Tammy's sister?

In Jan 2009, racy photos of the alleged sister of Tammy (of the Tammy NYP sex video fame) surfaced on the internet with people in forums saying her name is "Wayne or Wei Ni" or "Wei Ning".

With titillating photos like these, it wasn't very surprising that most people were fixating on her breasts and even comparing the size of "boobs" between the two "sisters".

Everyone's favorite cleavage shots

Her Friendster page was posted online too; however, it could have already been taken down because clicking on it got a "This user's profile is not available" error message.

Here is a video montage of "Tammy's sister" in her bra, engaging in some girl-on-girl action, exhibiting shoe fetishism, race-queen cosplaying and making out with (probably) the same guy.

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