Allyssa and Jane playing with balls?

Foosball Chicks And A Dick

At first, Allyssa Kwan Yin Yi and Jane Lo Li, were just very well-known in Malaysian Foosball Community. Later, they became even more famous for playing some "foosballs" with their mouths and pussies. In the mid 2000s, this pair of very loose girls freely had sex with the same guy and freely allowed him to capture all their intimate moments on camera, not to mentioned a whole bunch of shots of only the girls being lewd in every imaginable way. Of course, the videos and photos somehow found their way onto the internet. It's almost as if the two of them were begging the prick to give his sloppy seconds to the rest of the world. But then again, since all three of them are rich and famous, he/she/they were probably thinking more of sticking it to everyone and saying "you can look but you can't touch" the kind of decadent lifestyle that we have because it is only reserved for the elite.

Don't be fooled by that sweet-looking mouth...

you don't know where it's been!

Did they know that...

...she swallows?

Video clips with titles like "Allyssa Yin Yi gives a Blowjob" have become classics in porn-sharing sites while a blog dedicated to Jane Lo Li calls her "the most popular blackcock sucker of Malaysia".

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