Where is Tammy NYP now in 2010?


Let's revisit one of the biggest scandal to come out from Singapore - the Tammy NYP sex video.

The incident involved a sex video first circulated in mid-February 2006 that blew up into a major Internet phenomenon. A student from Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP), known only as Tammy, apparently had her mobile phone stolen, and a 10-minute video of her having sex (in various positions including plenty of oral sex) with her boyfriend was uploaded on the internet.

The video spreaded via instant messaging, email, blogs, etc and eventually made the front pages of national newspapers. Very soon, the video gained international notoriety as many curious folks frantically searched for it with the keyword Tammy NYP, causing the whole scandal to make it into the top five search terms in Technorati's for almost two weeks. The video was reportedly sold in Malaysia as VCDs and DVDs and was said to have made it as far as the US. A domain based on the scandal's top search term was snapped up, and there were even sales of merchandise such as T-shirts online.




The guy in the video was rumored to be "Andy T, an ex-gamer from the clan Netoverlords. Andy is in his early 20s, and most probably just completed his full time NS (National Service)" and lives in the "western part" of Singapore.

Tammy's, on the other hand, was rumored to be a "cheerleader" and her real name was said to be "Rachel".


Claims of Tammy sightings after the incident from different people on the net:

- in the school canteen with boys gathered round her in April 2006.
- taking pictures of her cheerleader friends' performance while everyone gawked at her during a school event in April 2006.
- near Clarke Quay dressed in formal attire and could have been working in the area or doing internship there in June 2009.
- lining up at Famous Amos chocolate chips cookies in Wisma Atria in Mar 2010.

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